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Many ways to serve spaghetti

Aline Ponce,

Spaghetti is a very popular dish any time of year.


Spaghetti has been on my mind so much the last few days, that I decided to feature it for this column.

It isn’t that I daydream about spaghetti, or obsess over it, but the other day I went out for lunch with my mom and sister. I ordered a plate of half spaghetti and half ravioli. When it was served, I was very surprised at the bright red color of the sauce, and the fact that it was completely smooth and devoid of any flecks of herbs, onions, garlic or meat, etc.

Oh well, I took a bite and became convinced that someone had plated the cooked pasta and then covered it in ketchup. My sister tasted it and thought it reminded her of seafood cocktail sauce. It was very sweet, and even though I do use ketchup (such as on fries), it isn’t my idea of a spaghetti sauce by any stretch of the imagination. I thought perhaps there had been a mistake in the kitchen, since it was clear that there were not enough employees to keep up with the lunch rush. But on our way out, we could see other diners who had also ordered pasta, and it looked exactly like what I was served.



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