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It’s all in a name

Commercials have been on television and radio in order to sell products or ideas. Some commercials are fun or funny, and others are dry and boring. There is not much in between. Political ads are mostly intended to rile a person up so they get mad at the opponent. They are often rather hateful, and I am not fond of them, regardless of who they are supporting.

The best commercials are the ones you can remember, and even quote. I have quoted a few old commercials in my column before, like the last one about M&M’s peanuts. “I’m a choice M&M peanut, fresh and roasted to a golden tan…”

We used to drive our parents nuts (pardon the pun) with that commercial and others we would sing or repeat many times over. I was always the one my parents wanted to muzzle because I would sing songs with 15 verses, or repeat sayings from commercials over and over.


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