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Is gift wrap still available?

Giving gifts for various occasions, such as Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or some congratulatory event, is a tradition we have carried with us for centuries, and now it sometimes seems to be more of an obligation than a generous outpouring of sincerity. The holidays become chaotic as people try to get gifts for “everybody on their list.” Gift giving should always feel like something that makes us joyful, and not an obligation.

Wrapping gifts in colored paper or with decorative ornamentals like bows or shiny objects has also become a grand tradition. Maybe the wrapping of gifts originated with the idea that the greatest gift of all time was the baby Jesus, who was born and became the most precious gift we have ever received. He was wrapped in “swaddling clothes,” and lying in a manger.

I wondered, what is swaddling clothes? Is it a brand name? Was it the fashion of the day? No, it was probably a little blanket tightly wrapped around the baby to keep him warm and make him feel secure after nine months in a warm womb. 


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