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Individuals arrested in recent homicide

For The Madera Tribune

Phoenix Allianic-Obrien.


Last week, Kalon Bolden was killed following an altercation on Gateway Drive near fourth street.

Two of the suspects were arrested Friday in Sacramento, the Madera Police Department announced.

One of the suspects is 27-year-old Phoenix Allianic-Obrien and the other is a 17-year old whose identity can’t be released because he is a minor.

“During our investigation we learned that the suspects were not from Madera, but were instead passing through town, presumably on their way home to Sacramento,” said the Madera Police Department in a press release. “They stopped in Madera for gas, and shortly afterward shot and killed Kalon (about a block away from the gas station).”

Madera Police said a firearm was recovered during the arrest of the suspects, which may be the murder weapon.

Another person of interest in this case is still outstanding.

“We continue to process evidence and look for additional information to help understand the actions of the suspects before and after Kalon was shot,” said the police in the release.

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call 675-4255 or Crime Stoppers at 489-STOP and can remain anonymous.


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