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Hope and the Doors of Hope

It is a sad thing to hear when a non-profit organization that does so much good has closed. On March 28, The Doors of Hope board met and made the decision to close its doors, after twenty years of serving the moms, dads and families of Madera.

Doors of Hope Parenting and Pregnancy Care Center is a resource center for families, and for women who are pregnant and are struggling with decisions. The approach is a loving, caring environment and a safe place to connect with compassionate people who will help in a positive way. It is a non-profit, life affirming Christian ministry.

I first knew about Doors of Hope when I was working a resource fair last year, sponsored by First Christian Church. I was in the Friends of the Madera County Library booth, and we were giving out books to children who attended the Resource Fair. Linda Garner of Doors of Hope asked us if she could have some of the books to give to the families they help. At the end of the fair, she was able to take a couple of boxes of books for the children of families who needed them.


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