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Featured quilter shares love for sewing

Pamela Sanders learned to sew when she was eight years old. Her mother taught her on a Kenmore machine equipped with a knee control. Pam fondly remembers making a gathered apron that tied around her waist. It made her feel like a princess, so she played in it. Her interest in sewing waned, but in 8th grade she took a sewing class at school and has been sewing ever since.

In high school she made some of her own clothes including her graduation dress. She also made work dresses for her first job. After marriage, she sewed clothes for her children. Pam even made her daughter’s wedding dress. Her strangest task was to make a Zoot Suit for an elephant! Her son was the mascot for a baseball team and needed the suit.

Pam taught all three of her daughters to sew, as well as her three granddaughters.


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