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Everything’s peachy

Forest and Kim Starr, Wikimedia Commons

It’s the season for fresh peaches and for eating them in all your favorite ways.


August 24 is National Peach Pie Day, and learning that made me smile. I love peaches any way I can get them, whether dried, fresh, frozen or canned.

I also love pies (even though I am not a fan of store-bought pie crusts), but this time I would like to include some other delicious ways to make peach desserts.

Despite the fact that back in June, we explored some peaches and cream recipes, I can’t resist including some different recipes. If you have a source for tree-ripened fresh peaches, you are very lucky indeed. I really miss the peach trees my grandparents used to have on their ranch. They did not grow them for commercial use, but just a few trees in their garden. The commercial crops were apricots, prunes and walnuts.



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