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Educational opportunity for Madera Unified parents

Partnered with Madera Unified School District, Success Together, Inc. is bringing families three classes designed to educate and empower.

From Social Media for Parents to Parent-Child Communication & Positive Discipline Techniques and Helping Kids Cope with Frustration, Anger, Sadness and other Tough Feelings, Success Together, Inc is looking to provide a free outlet to Madera Unified families.

There are two classes left after the first class (Social Media for Parents) was held on Nov. 9. Success Together, Inc will be holding the second class on Nov. 16, and the third and final class on Nov. 18.

Each class date has two virtual sessions: 9 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.

“Helping parents find ways to improve the communication they have with their kids but it is also about providing them a different perspective,” Success Together COO Eric Morin said. “The idea is we want them to see what ways they connected with people when they were younger and when I say people, I mean other adults. Did they feel like they were being heard?

“I feel like for a lot of people, we maybe didn’t grow up that way. It is not so much that they didn’t want to, but maybe they didn’t know how. So, what we’ve been doing is trying to find ways to bring in those conversations.”

Morin and Success Together, Inc aren’t looking to criticize, more so encourage and educate.

Madera Unified families are eligible to join either of the free courses while they are available.

But, Success Together, Inc plans to continue wherever they are needed.

“We’ll go wherever families will have us. Our class offerings are constantly expanding both in terms of the topics we offer and the times and locations in which we are serving families. Parents can check out our current schedule of classes and find out about upcoming opportunities through our website and social media,” said Krystal Morin, Director of Logistics and Marketing.

Madera Unified families can sign up through the MUSD call center 469-5879, text “parent classes Madera” to 492-0802, visit or join the zoom link with code 559-492-0802.


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