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Driver involved in two collisions before colliding into building

Angel L. de Jesus Jr./The Madera Tribune

A Chevrolet Silverado truck is getting ready to be towed away after it was involved in two separate traffic collisions before coming to a stop in a building on Howard and Williams. The driver of the truck was arrested and was under the influence of alcohol.


Police responded to three traffic incidents on the same day this week when a Chevrolet truck caused two collisions before colliding into a building on Howard St.

Police began responding when they received a call Wednesday morning about a Chevrolet Silverado truck colliding into the back of a parked car on the corner of Yosemite Ave and North M Street before continuing another two miles down Howard Road on three wheels and colliding into a building on the Northwest corner or Howard and Williams.

Manuel Mendoza only heard the accident before coming out to his front yard. Upon arriving out front, it was then he realized what had happened, only to see the aftermath of what had happened to his silver Toyota Corolla, the rear wrecked, as the driver of a blue Chevrolet truck continued down the road on three wheels after losing his front passenger wheel.



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