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County breaks ground on fire station

For The Madera Tribune

Madera County dignitaries officially break ground on the site of the new Madera County Fire Station No. 3 on Tuesday at the corner of Road 26 and Ave. 18 1/2.


In 1986, Madera County began leasing real property at the corner of Road 26 and Avenue 18 1/2 for Fire Station No. 3, and 36 years later, a permanent building will house the station.

A 552-square-foot mobile home trailer was moved to the site and a 1,750 square foot apparatus bay was constructed. Due to the dilapidated conditions of the more than 30-year-old trailer, the fire department vacated the station in the summer of 2017.

Fire Station No. 3 staff and engines were relocated to the Sheriff’s Office until a new permanent location could be constructed. Property owners of the 18-acre, northwest corner parcel, Pacific Orchards, LLC, were willing to deed two acres to the County for the construction of the new Fire Station 3.

On July, 2020, the county entered into an agreement with RRM Design Group for design and engineering services. The new Fire Station 3 will be approximately 7,985 square feet consisting of drive-through apparatus bay and apparatus support area, new firefighter living area, a new kitchen, dining, and day room, as well as a new administrations area consisting of a captain’s office, conference room, reception/lobby, treatment room and ADA public restroom.

Site improvements consisting of a fueling station, guest parking, staff parking with secured fencing, site security fencing and gates. A new water well and a self-contained sewer system will also be installed.

The fire station was design to include a decontamination area with a turnout room for fire fighter’s gear. This new approach is design to protect firefighters from the carcinogens that have been linked to some of the toxins that collect on firefighter’s turnout gear and self-contained breathing apparatus after fighting fires. Separating the decontamination area from the living quarters allows firefighters to enter, strip, clean, and then store their PPE in another room to off-gas properly thereby reducing their exposure to harmful carcinogens.

On Feb. 1, Madera County entered into a contract with Marko Construction for the construction of the new fire station. Marko Construction has began mobilizing and gearing up for construction.

A groundbreaking ceremony was conducted Tuesday. The new fire station will serve District 2 constituents from the Madera Estates, Madera Lakes and Country Club and surrounding areas.


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