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Council helps beautify state

The Clean California State Beautification program is funding the City of Madera $330,000 to help beautify highway enhancements.

With the funding, the city will beautify the new constructed block wall on the east side of State Route 99, just south of 4th street. Enhancements will include the planting of oleanders and vines in front of the wall and the installation of artwork on the wall to exhibit cultural and community connection to Madera. Because the art is subjective, the council formed an art selection committee to oversee the process of developing criteria for the art, which was announced at the last City Council meeting on February 15.

Along with Mayor Pro Tem Elsa Mejia and Councilwoman Anita Evans, joining the committee will be Jim Kocher, executive director of the Madera county Arts Council, Steve Norton from Madera Community College and Ginger Latimer from Madera Unified School District.


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