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Cooking with flour tortillas

Missvain, Wikimedia Commons

Sit down to a hearty meal of a smothered beef burrito.


The day before writing this, I had lunch at a tiny taqueria, mostly because I was more than an hour early for an out-of-town appointment (I always leave early in case something causes a delay, such as fog, detours or wrecks).

I ordered a plate that included two tacos and the usual beans and rice. Everything was good, but I was especially impressed with the rice, which was very tender and fluffy. I had some leftover tortilla chips, so I scooped rice and beans with them.

I remember my dad telling me that all his co-workers at the Sunsweet plant used tortillas instead of eating utensils. I never forgot that, and to this day, I do the same thing whenever I can, especially with beans.



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