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Cold weather calls for soup

JIP, Wikimedia Commons

Not much time? You can doctor up most canned soups with some extra cooked meats and veggies. Serve with lots of bread and you’re all set.


Every winter I crave hearty, homemade soups of various kinds. I love sharing my favorite recipes with you all.

As of this writing, all the ingredients for clam chowder are ready and waiting for the time to start dinner.

Clams, even canned ones, are certainly not cheap, and neither is any other kind of seafood these days. Just recently I saw some whole, Dungeness crabs of a pretty nice size at the grocery store. Out of curiosity, I wandered over to the meat counter to take a look at the price of one. It was on sale for around $26. Now, that is a lot better than about three years ago when I saw them selling for around $60 each, and that was for small ones. But still, I opted for six cans of chopped clams, some half-and-half, potatoes, celery and anything else I needed for chowder (including a nice loaf of sourdough French bread).



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