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City still reeling from recent sewer problems

For The Madera Tribune

After working on the main sewer line the week before, another sinkhole appeared Monday morning, causing more problems for Madera’s sewer system.


Last week, a sinkhole developed on Avenue 13 over the sewer line that is headed to the wastewater treatment plant, and it was discovered the line had a hole in the pipe, requiring immediate repair. 

While that repair was taking place, another sinkhole developed over the line about a half-mile west of the previous hole. Another void in the pipe developed on Monday, causing the city to close the intersection of Avenue 13 and Granada for the near future. 

The cause for the second sinkhole was determined that the sidewalls collapsed on the pipe after it became saturated with sewage, leading to further blockages. Pumps and additional excavating helped clear the line. 


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