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City sewer line undergoes repair

Courtesy of Arnoldo Rodriguez

Pumps are on site to help repair a hole in the main sewer line headed to the wastewater treatment plant on Avenue 13 between Granada Drive (Road 26) and Road 24.


The City of Madera maintenance staff had a busy Monday afternoon when informed of a significant failure in the main sewer line on Avenue 13.

Madera County crews notified City staff of a likely sewer failure. After inspection, it was determined the 48-inch sewer trunk main had experienced a failure at the top of the pipe, causing a large void in the road, and partially obstructing the flow. 

The condition was similar to the sewer and roadway collapse near Avenue 13, just east of the current hole in the line last year. Also, the City had been taking bids to rehabilitate the line from Granada to the wastewater treatment plan and are expected to award a contract this month. 


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