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CHP looking for senior volunteers

The California Highway Patrol is looking for motivated citizens who want to give something back to their community as Senior Volunteers.

Volunteers assist the CHP in providing enhanced public service to the community. This is an opportunity for senior citizens to make a definitive contribution towards improving public safety, service, and security.

The Senior Volunteer Program instills among its volunteers an understanding and appreciation of the justice system, human relations, and ethics in the field of law enforcement.

Seniors must be 55 years or older, can work a minimum of eight hours a month, pass a background check, have a good driving record and complete the CHP Senior volunteer Training Program.

Senior volunteers help the CHP with administration, public affairs, volunteer use of the CHP vehicles and related duties and ride-along with uniformed officers.

The program also allows seniors to volunteer their time to assist CHP officers in various duties, including deploying the radar trailer, working with local schools, directing traffic at special events or traffic incidents, assisting the front desk officers, answering telephones, participating in “Every 15 Minutes,” chaperoning Sober Grad nights and other duties.

Citizens interested in the program can call officer Javier Ruvalcaba at the Madera CHP office at 675-1025 or email Additionally, they may contact the Madera CHP office and ask to speak with Jan Peirsol or Fletcher Stroemer, Senior Volunteers. Interviews will be conducted in May.


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