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Book Talk: Cavanagh, ‘The Accomplice’

Imagine being “The Most Hated Woman in America.” That’s Carrie Miller, wife of a vicious serial killer, known as The Sandman. Once the police identify Daniel Miller as the notorious murderer of at least 14 people in New York and mobilize forces to arrest him, Sandman vanishes, leaving his wife Carrie to deal with the local cops, the media, and an outraged FBI.

Despite her claim of being innocent, beliefs about her range from providing false alibis for Daniel to being an accomplice in his deeds. Moreover, there is evidence that Carrie suspected her husband of being the Sandman because of his erratic habits, like arriving home at 3 in the morning, throwing his clothing in the washing machine, and immediately getting into the shower. On top of that, Daniel has given her jewelry that matches items taken from his victims. Oh, and by the way, he also takes their eyes. Consequently, there is no compassion for Carrie; she is universally despised. And the DA of NY’s Southern District decides to charge her as an accomplice to multiple homicides.

In Steve Cavanagh’s first book, “The Defense,” the author introduces readers to Eddie Flynn. Eddie grew up on the wrong side of the law as a con man whose best friend is a mob boss. However, at some point, Eddie made the transition from small-time crook to lawyer. (Yes, yes. I know that many people think that’s not much of a transition.)



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