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Beverages for a festive occasion

Jill Wellington,

An eggnog beverage can be elegant when served in a cocktail glass with a few garnishes.


One time, when I was at a New Year’s Eve party, people kept coming up to me to ask what kind of drink I was walking around holding. They seemed so excited and animated, as if I held the secret to the perfect party drink. But when I told them what was in it, their faces turned into looks of disappointment. In most cases, they just walked away to go talk to someone else.

The reason they were disappointed was very simple: there was no alcohol in my drink. Now, this is not a rant against people who drink alcohol, as I do have some Pinot Grigio or perhaps a small Coronita or some Prosecco when I visit at my mom’s for a family gathering. But to be honest, and with zero judgment, I just do not enjoy most alcoholic beverages, especially what is referred to as hard liquor.

Whiskey, as one example, actually makes me sick, and it has nothing to do with having too much. There’s just something about it or in it that makes me physically ill. Fine with me; I do not miss it at all.


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