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A very a-peeling fruit

Edward Russell, Wikimedia Commons

For special days or just any time of year, try some homemade banana bread pudding as a real treat.


The grocery clerks at a supermarket in my home town (Gilroy) must feel like rolling their eyes when I do my weekly shopping. I am staying at my mom’s and helping her out, and she eats at least one banana a day as part of her routine.

The fruit bowl rests on top of the kitchen counter, and after seeing delicious bananas all day, every day, I started my own routine: eat them. A lot of them.

Even though it is winter — and a very cold one at that — I have developed a craving for a sort of mini banana split. I slice or split a banana, top it with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream, then add a generous amount of pineapple ice cream topping. When I don’t make that, I go the simple, easy route, of just peeling a banana and eating it plain.



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