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Opinion: Hey, Democrats! Obama isn’t running

One sure sign that the Democrats don’t think Joe Biden is likely to be our next president:

The Internet and television commercials for Biden show more images of Barack Obama than they do Biden.

I am sure that isn’t a mistake. The geniuses behind the Democrat campaign know that Obama never made the gaffes or flashed the goofy smiles that Biden does. By showing Obama, they believe that maybe the voters will be fooled into the belief that Obama is running for a third term.

You also see Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden, an intelligent and beautiful woman, snug up by his side. She holds on to him and keeps him steady.

Biden’s speech is often garbled.

But Dr. Jill Biden taught college-level English for several years, and if anybody can make him an orator, she should be able to.

Democrat campaign people surely must know he started his run from the back of the pack.

Biden can’t even make up his mind about one of the most important choices he will be called upon to make: who his running mate will be.

Perhaps Biden’s handlers are just trying to keep the voters on tenterhooks, to give them something to take their minds off Biden’s perceived weaknesses, but the voters are unlikely to be surprised at who the lucky (or unlucky) lady turns out to be. Once he makes his long-put-off choice, he’ll have nobody to surprise the voters with. And, he’ll be left with nothing to talk about as the campaign drags on, focused on the vice presidential candidate and not on Joe Biden.

Maybe Biden should reconsider his vice presidential choice and turn to Bernie Sanders for the No. 2 spot.

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