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Two-year-old missing, feared abducted, police say

For The Madera Tribune

Two-year-old Thaddeus Sran was discovered missing from his bedroom in the 800 block of south C Street about 8:30 Wednesday morning, according to his parents, when they went to wake him. He is non verbal with special needs, and has difficulty walking. Police are investigating all possibilities, including that the boy may have wandered away or been abducted from the home.


A two-year-old boy with special needs went missing from his bedroom in the 800 block of south C Street between the hours of 10 pm Tuesday night and 8:30 Wednesday morning and is considered endangered, according to the Madera Police Department.

Thaddeus Sran is approximately two feet tall, and 30 pounds, with brown hair. He was last seen in a red shirt and Spiderman pants over a diaper. He is also non verbal, has a stomach feeding tube inserted and requires specialized food and medical care, according to reports. It is not known how long the boy could survive on his own if lost.

Chief of police Dino Lawson said the parents discovered the boy missing about 8:30 Wednesday morning and police had not ruled anything out. “It’s an ongoing investigation,” Lawson said, “we are not ruling anything out at this point. He may have gotten out of the house, or it may be an abduction. We are looking at every possibility and leaving no stone unturned,”

The Sran family had only recently moved in and been in the home only a few weeks, according to neighbors, and the area had been quiet, they said.

Lawson went on to say “He was born premature, has serious medical health issues, and was just learning to walk. He basically has to crawl anywhere he goes. We’ve reached out to several agencies and want to thank the Sheriff’s Office, Probation and our friends at the FBI for their help and full resources. We are (continuing to do) grid searches throughout the area. We also would like to reach out to members of the community for any information they may have, or if they have seen little Thaddeus,” Lawson said.

No Amber Alerts have been issued due to the lack of any vehicle description, according to police procedure.

Police and concerned residents are continuing to search the area within about a square mile of the residence. Officers are asking residents to check their security cameras for any suspicious people or vehicles, or anything else unusual to the area, during the possible time frame Tuesday when the boy is said to have gone missing.

Anyone with any information is asked to please call Madera Police dispatch at 675-4220. The line is answered 24/7.


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