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Madera police officer struck, seriously injured by car

A Madera police officer remains hospitalized in serious, but stable condition after being struck by a car.

He was riding his bike east on Millerton Road near Friant, in eastern Fresno County when the accident occurred, according to Madera police chief Dino Lawson.

“It happened about 5:20 pm. The family has requested privacy at this time, so we are not releasing his name,” Lawson said. “It was a major injury collision ... he was endurance riding with a fellow officer from Clovis, exercising and riding up the foothills (bike lane course) when a young woman, 24, was returning from Millerton Lake. She reportedly hit a curb, lost control and overcorrected, crossed the roadway and struck both the officers, head on, as they were riding up the hill. The driver did the right thing, stopped and called 911. The quick emergency response may have saved them. Fortunately, they had (professional) helmets on, are both young and fit, and both should make a full recovery, but it’s going to take a while.”

The officer has been with MPD for approximately 6 years, according to Lawson.

Initial bystander and media reports indicated the bicyclists had possibly been killed due to the condition of the Honda Civic, the wrecked bicycles and victims lying in the roadway Tuesday afternoon.

Lawson said the two officers were struck by the front of the car and then thrown up into the windshield. No injuries were reported by the driver or her three passengers.

The California Highway Patrol cautions motorists to limit distractions behind the wheel, and to be on the lookout for bicyclists on roadways at any time, but especially at this time of year.

The collision remains under investigation with speed and distracted driving contributing as possible factors. Alcohol or other impairment does not appear to be involved at this time.


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