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Opinion: A nation in flames

The pandemic continues, and quarantines are still in place in many community businesses. Hairstylists are reopening and the people who operate them are returning to previously shuttered salons.

Everyone is trying to determine what is their new normal.

All across the country organized riots are taking place. Streets designated for peaceful protests are being supplied with pallets of bricks, containers of gasoline and explosives. The rioters are looting and burning businesses, many of them high end corporations. Small family owned businesses are losing windows, merchandise and the buildings that are their homes.

In this time of economic hardship, the breaking point for so many is already at the surface of their existence.

President Donald Trump has called the rioters “thugs.” Once again, Trump is called a racist and a sexist even though the term thug is non-racial and non-gender specific. He is doing his best to hold the country together.

He has told the governors in all 50 states to activate their national guard troops. If they don’t, he has promised to deploy the military to clean up the mess — by force if necessary.

The left-wing population is into heavy POTUS attack mode. They have stooped so low that skinny butt Nancy Pat has accused the president of being morbidly obese. That is such a lie. James Carville has gone as far as to declare Trump will “get his fat a** kicked by Joe Biden in November.”

Civilized adults are not supposed to descend into juvenile profanity. If the foul language barriers are removed there are many phrases the rest of us can use to express our disgust with the Democratic party members. I’ll admit there must be decent Dems in the party, but they need to step up and begin to dominate their party instead of letting violent thugs represent them.

It is extremely inappropriate to say all democrats are lawless and evil, just as it is wrong to blame this chaos on Donald J. Trump.

He promised to drain the swamp that makes up Washington D.C. politics. The alligators and other predators who occupy that quagmire refuse to cooperate. He made the mistake of thinking he is not dealing from the position he thinks he has.

He has been bashed to the point that when the rhetoric became profane and violent, he wasn’t prepared to respond in kind, but he is locked and loaded now.

You start looting, we start shooting. Your actions have nullified your right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

This is all part of a grand scheme by like-minded people from both parties to evict our POTUS from the Oval Office. The Russians scandal wasn’t enough to take him out. The Chinese thought they would help by releasing a virus the likes of which hasn’t been seen in a century. When that didn’t kneecap “The Donald,” the haters launched impeachment proceedings. When his minority party kept the faith and refused to support the cabal and its dirty work, the rioting began. Bricks, gasoline and assorted weapons were supplied adjacent to commercial properties to help the thugs fuel their mission.

President Donald Trump is responding to the best of his ability with threats to deploy the most ominous military might on the planet. Are his supporters ready for him to display the force at his disposal? Escalation is the appropriate response. Where are the celebrities who have made their fortunes in these communities? Help protect the peaceful and innocent people caught up in this madness.

Let’s adopt the mindset that when they start looting, we start shooting. They start fires, they get burned. People, America is on fire. These criminals have lost their privileged claims to due process regardless of age, gender, skin color or country of origin. A group of bad cops and a misdemeanor offender was what awoke the monstrous mobs. Remember George Floyd? His crimes were so small that a counterfeit $20 bill is at the bottom of this pile of damages. Bring back God to replace the hate in human hearts.

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Have a safe and secure weekend.

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Readers may contact Tami Jo Nix by emailing or following @TamiJoNix on Twitter.

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