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Letter: Amazing things in the new high school

I was surprised to read of the amazing things included in the city’s new Torres high school. However what really caught my eye was the statement, “A full complement of medical services ... will be available to students, teachers, and parents.” I wonder if that includes ‘free’ abortions? Actually, I’d like to know who is paying for these ‘services’ which include a ‘”dentist on duty.”

And, parents are getting these services too? So will they pay for the services they use, or will it be another free ride, thanks to the ever-more-burdened taxpayers who continue to see their property taxes increasing every year?

With all of these new “goodies,” Torres High could set a new national standard for public education facilities by offering free limo services to and from school. Might as well squeeze taxpayers to the last drop.

— James Fennell,


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