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Businesswoman helps to show Madera can demonstrate peacefully

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune

Mone’shay “Moe” Platt, front, leads a peaceful demonstration Tuesday, in memory of George Floyd and other African American victims that were wrongfully killed by law enforcement.


Mone’shay (Moe) Platt, said she was a little leery of doing a protest Tuesday afternoon, but after she saw news videos of babies and children being pepper-sprayed and thrown to the ground, she decided she wanted to show that people could put on a peaceful demonstration.

She invited local city, county and religious leaders as well as law enforcement to join the event, which started at Platt’s business, MoJo’s Catering Services and Restaurant, on Pine Street.

“The looting and destruction of other people’s property “is not what ‘Black Lives Matter’ is all about, or what Dr. Martin Luther King stood for,” Platt said.

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