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Letter: A half fast job

It’s been four years since the Madera County Road Department has visited my road. We mostly criticize and rarely praise their work. They had just finished their “patching” when farmers on both sides and the mail carrier started turning their vehicles on the fresh paving material. It’s hard to fix something when others tear it up.

When the department first started I thought good things were going to happen. They had USA come out, the buried cables and roadsides were marked. By the time they moved equipment out here, most of the marks were destroyed and not visible. A sweeper and a grader sat out here for three weeks.

One day I saw dust. The sweeper made a round on the road and was gone. Week or so later the grader made one pass on the north side of Ave 15 1/2 and it was gone. That was it. All that for that.

I called David Rogers and the following Monday they were back out. Now they made some progress; large holes were filled and the next day smaller ones were filled and the famous Madera County spread and wheel pack was done.

So after a slow start and a fast finish. I ended up with a half fast job.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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