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Man arrested on murder charges

Courtesy of the Madera Police Department

Jeffery Olson, 33, a long time Madera resident has been charged with murdering his wife, 35-year-old Maigan Olson in their home Thursday evening in the 3300 block of Winter Way, near Westberry Boulevard.


In what can only be described as a horrific act of domestic violence, a 33-year-old Madera man shot and killed his wife early Thursday evening in the 3300 block of Winter Way, then walked outside holding their month-old baby and waited in his front yard for police to arrive, according to authorities.

Jeffery Olson then reportedly confessed to the crime.

Residents said the couple’s nine year old child witnessed the shooting and ran next door to neighbors to get help. Maigan Olson, 35, was pronounced dead inside the residence.

It is not known what prompted Olson to shoot his wife multiple times inside their home. Olson had no previous arrest record and no previous calls to police were shown to the residence.

Madera Chief of Police Dino Lawson said the shooting was being characterized as domestic violence and the investigation into the murder was ongoing.

“When the officers got there, (Olson) was standing there holding the 3-week-old (infant). He didn’t resist... During the interview, a confession was obtained. All we know is there was possibly an argument going on,” Lawson said.

There was no history of violence or previous calls to police from the residence, Lawson said, and no indicators of alcohol or drug use by Olson were found at the scene. “That’s what makes this so tragic and bizarre,” he said.

The children were turned over to Child Protective Services, and then placed with extended family members.

Olson was arrested on charges of murder and booked into the Madera County jail. He is being held in lieu of $1 million dollars bail.

Lawson went on to say that all type of factors such as mental illness, job loss, financial stress or confinement that could have precipitated the murder were under investigation at this time.

“Who knows what is occurring with individuals now at this time (of COVID-19 pandemic). It doesn’t justify this or any domestic violence ... but there is a lot of stress and pressure on everybody right now,” he said.

Lawson encouraged anyone experiencing domestic violence or threats of domestic violence to call police at 911 for emergencies or on the non emergency dispatch number of 675-4220. That line is also answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Do not feel you are trapped in your home (with an abuser) and you can’t call. It’s very important you continue to do that, now more than ever, with people confined to their residences. We don’t want crimes going unreported with victims sitting there, suffering. Victims and their families will have places to go. Call us and we will get there to help,” Lawson said. “Or if you know of someone being abused, please also call.”

Lawson said overall crime in Madera was down about 30 percent within the last month of sheltering inside or working at home, but everyone was struggling to adapt to the pressure and new situations. Maintaining patience and mental health was also a widespread and serious concern.

“But (crime) can spike or change in a minute. Take a deep breath, get outside and get some exercise (safely). Take a break from all the (bad) news on TV. Talk to people, take care of yourselves ... check on family, neighbors ... other people to make sure they are doing OK,” he said.

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