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Block arrested on DUI charges

Courtesy of ABC30 News

Hendrik Block.


A suspect identified as 43-year-old Hendrik Edward Block, who goes by the name of Eddie Block, was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in the early morning, California Highway Patrol reported.

According to a California Highway Patrol officer, the suspect was driving west on Avenue 12 in Madera Ranchos east of Loren Way, when the suspect crashed his truck into a brick mailbox, corrected, hit a fence and then a vehicle, ultimately smashing into a home. The vehicle did not go into the home but did hit the facia. The residents of the home were not injured.

Block, who is running for Madera County Supervisor for District 4, was tested for driving under the influence. He was arrested on several DUI charges and a hit-and-run charge for property damage.

At this time of reporting Block had bonded out according to Officer Rodriguez.


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