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Accident tangles SR99 traffic

Courtesy of Madera Police Department

A construction vehicle sits across both northbound lanes of State Route 99 after crashing into a temporary construction wall.


Madera-area California Highway Patrol and other authorities responded to a major traffic collision on northbound State Route 99 just south of the Fresno River on Monday afternoon.

Northbound traffic on SR 99 was stopped for several hours, with street traffic being diverted through Madera at Gateway Drive in the city, according to Madera police.

The driver of a construction vehicle sustained minor injuries, including a laceration to his right arm. He was transported to Madera Community Hospital.

Witnesses reported the truck traveling northbound at 55-65 mph, when it veered off to the left into a temporary construction wall. Debris from the crash flew into the southbound lane and struck another vehicle. The truck was disabled across both lanes which caused the backup.

The vehicle struck by the debris was a Dodge Ram pickup, which sustained minor damage, according to the CHP.


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