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Letter: Man says backup in court is a barrier to justice

I’m a disabled man going through a divorce.

It’s been a contested divorce with a trial. The court system has caused this to now continue for over a year. Stacking hearings and other matters on my trial days, causing such a huge financial strain on both me and my daughter, with no orders being given for even temporary spousal support that we desperately need.

Not only does this feel like a completely gender-biased decision by Judge Micheal Jurcovich, but also a violation of my civil rights as a disabled person who has a federal decided 100 percent SSDI decision.

My attorney, who has been in practice for 30 years, states she has never seen such a complete lack of policy within the courts to allow this judge to drag this matter out for what she described, simply because I’m a man who is trying to get a ruling from a woman who clearly makes three times the amount of money I did in the marriage.

The court continues to put hearings on the days we were scheduled to have for trial, and the Judge simply does not care the financial impact it’s having on a man and his daughter on SSDI with very limited income and soon to be losing our apartment because of the financial hardship this court has put us in.

Thank you.

— Robert Aceves,


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