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Letter: Divide and conquer

How do you quietly take over? You split into small groups and then control the smaller groups one at a time.

The liberals started out quietly dividing. We are now divided and are being controlled (one at a time) by threats of lawsuits and just plain bullying.

Making one feel guilty for things that happened 100 years ago. re-writing history and the rules we have lived by for more than 200 years. Re-writing our sacred writings and wanting to change how we believe. Wanting us to accept changes that will accommodate their wishes.

Allowing gay marriage in our churches. Unisex bathrooms, abortions with no recourse. Marijuana and other recreational drugs. Reduction in jail time for these “non-violent crimes.”

They want us to give freely of housing, medical care, education and just “fun stuff.” As in the Roman Empire, they enjoyed the excessive and cared not. Rome fell, and so shall we.

Global warming is not caused by man’s use of fossil fuel, but by its movement away from what is right and good.

We are on our way to hell; that’s why it warmer.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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