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Letter: A ride in a Government Center elevator

Went to the Government Center today. Parked on the 4th level. Its easy, no hassle. Drive to the top, park and ride the elevator down.

Elevator had candy wrappers in it, and I wondered, How can we clean the oceans when we can’t even have a clean elevator?

Our roadsides, parks, everywhere are trashed by thoughtless people.

Don’t eliminate plastic straws and plastic bottles. Eliminate stupid people! In this day and age, how can people do that? If you are going to vote for AOC, and the “Green” thing, think about who you really are.

Anti litter campaigns have been around forever. Where have you been?

Just like that Indian with the tear in his eye, this won’t do any good either.

Just be a leaf blower. Don’t pick it up, just move it to the neighbors.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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