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Book ‘em Danno!

A few years ago a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to be a member of the Friends of the Madera County Library. (They needed a treasurer. Hm-m-m.) Of course, my friend put the sweet touch on me, showering me with compliments of how well she knew I would do as their treasurer. Blah, blah, blah.

Honestly, until that moment, the only thing I knew about the Friends of the Madera County Library is that they published a cookbook I had purchased about 15 years before. I told my friend, “I’ve heard of them. They are the group that puts out that cookbook.” She told me they don’t do that anymore. I was a bit disappointed.

I did join the group, in spite of the fact they no longer publish a cookbook. I have never regretted joining. Belonging to a group that supports the library has given me an awareness of the benefits of our library system, and I now know how important libraries are in our communities.

The “Friends” is a group of women and men who believe that education is important, and that reading is the route to that education. Books are not a thing of the past. The Internet has not replaced them. Our county library is a place where people of all ages, all cultural backgrounds, all sizes, and all religions can go to find something that will interest them. Through the library there are reading programs, literacy programs, translators, activities and events for children, as well as books, books, books.

We all need to support our library system. The first step in that support is to have a library card. It’s free. The card entitles the bearer to borrow a book. The card also gives access to some online information the library system provides.

At the library are shelves and shelves of books. Some can be borrowed, and others can be purchased. The Friends take books that have been retired from the library system, and also book donations; and these books are for sale in the library. People often find some real book treasures on these shelves. The price? A donation. The proceeds go into the Friends’ fund. This fund is used by the Friends to provide support for the library’s programs and other needs.

You may know that the county library in Madera is currently under renovation, and in just a few months there will be some sections that will have a completely new look. The Friends group is very excited about the new changes in the arrangement of the library, and they will be funding some of the purchases for one of the new sections.

Friends is our name, and books is our game. We love books!

I am your Friend. I’ll let you know when we have the next big book sale.

Do you have a library card? If not, get one.

— Love to all,


• • •

“Oh that my words were now written! Oh that they were printed in a book! That they were graven with an iron pen and lead in the rock forever!

— Job 19:23-24

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