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The sports machine

Working at The Madera Tribune has given me a new perspective on communications via the media, and I have a great deal of appreciation for the plight of the local newspaper, as well as for other small local businesses. I am grateful for the people who work hard to make sure this newspaper gets out twice a week to the residents of the community. Every day I see the faces of the Tribune people. They are real people, and they each have special talents.

I have enjoyed writing my little articles each week. This is something new for me, and it humbles me to hear the comments from folks who read them. Thank you to all who have given me that encouragement.

• • •

Last week when I wrote the article entitled “You are Special,” I was told by the proofreader (at the Tribune) that I was “almost preachy.” I am not exactly sure what part of the article he felt was so preachy. Maybe he said that because I was encouraging the reader to realize that each of us was created by God independently. We can learn from others, no matter who they are.

I was not offended in the least by that comment. However, I think now is a good time for me to introduce him to you. His name is Tyler Takeda, and he is one of the great writers for the Tribune. Many of you probably know Tyler. If you have ever seen or heard him, you know he is unforgettable. Tyler is our sports writer. His talents are not limited to writing about sports events. However, that does seem to be where much of his interests lie.

He writes about sports events in the local schools, and about other school related events. He also is an announcer at sports events. Tyler is a Forty-Niner fan to the max. Don’t ask him to root for any other NFL team.

When I first came to the Tribune, Chuck Doud told me about Tyler, and he referred to him as “a writing machine.” I soon learned this was an accurate description of Tyler’s writing abilities. The man can write an article in record time, with precision and nearly impeccable grammar.

Tyler has a variety of interests, and he is an interesting person. Under the sometimes gruff exterior is a person who is somewhat of a teddy bear. He is very compassionate and generous, in his gifts, his time, and his talents. When we were publishing the Coalinga Recorder, Tyler was the Coalinga Santa Claus.

About once a month, the staff of The Tribune has a potluck. Tyler loves to barbecue, and so he is usually elected to bring a tri-tip or ribs. The party has not truly begun until Tyler comes in, sometimes late, with his delicious barbecued meat. He brings his appetite, too — loves to eat; loves to cook. It is a good combination.

The Madera Tribune would not be the same without our Tyler Takeda. He is Chuck’s backup editor, and he can make things hop around the office. We love Tyler.

And so you have it, another personality within the family of The Madera Tribune.

Have a great week!

— Love to all,


• • •

“So I recommend having fun, because there is nothing better for people in this world than to eat, drink, and enjoy life.”

— Ecclesiastes 8:15

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