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Letter: ‘Traitor Trump’ a builder of walls

When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Trump is from New York and his father, who was in construction, taught him how to build walls. Trump has had a close relationship with concrete and walls since his birth.

Trump built walls between himself and each Republican candidate.

As president, Trump continued to build walls dividing the U.S. and allies, the media, residents of different states, rich and middle class, dictators vs. non-dictators, citizens and non-citizens, etc. Today, Trump’s Oval Office is filled with walls. Now, Trump wants to divide citizens from relatives who live below the border and citizens who chose to retire or work below the border using a stigma of inferiority for those residing in Mexico.

Since childhood, Trump was also trained to bully, cheat, steal and lie. So, Trump lies constantly. Trump cheats on his family, his taxes, his fake books, his fake negotiating skills, his fake “big brain,” his fake charity, his fake “university,” his fake “diplomas,” his fake “whataboutisms,” his fake pay raise to troops, and his fake “election.” Trump cheats his workers out of pay by repeatedly refusing to pay for work they perform, citing fake dissatisfaction, and repeatedly filing for bankruptcy. Thus, Trump has been in many lawsuits, using lying fake lawyers like Rudy Giuliani. The courtroom is his playground and Trump states he only respects white judges. Trump has been sued as a pedophile for rapes (Case 1:16-cv-04642, SDNY,,

Trump, as president, is the American role model and he teaches his evil ways to American youth and even referred to his pedophilic rapes in a speech to the Boy Scouts. A musician for teens said Trump’s lying was no big deal because “everybody lies.” The lines blur. The people who helped Officer Singh’s murderer are in jail because they lied to the police. Yet, Trump lies to the FBI almost every day ... no big deal. Flynn stated he did not know it was not okay to lie to the FBI. Flynn is a retired United States Army lieutenant general and was, briefly, national security advisor. The lines blur.

If these acts are lawful, we need to release a lot of California prisoners. Anyone who votes for Trump is mentally unfit. Trump has zero credibility.

Now Pelosi cancelled Trump’s SOTU until after he re-opens the government. Angry, Trump asked the Senate to allow Trump to give the SOTU, but he does not have the votes. In retaliation, Trump cancelled Pelosi’s trip to Afghanistan on a government plane.

I say, anybody but “Treasonous Trump” in 2020.

— Loraine Goodwin,


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