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What color is your attitude?

We have words in our vocabulary that describe emotions. Some of those words are the names of colors. Red means angry or aggressive; blue is sad; green means jealous or envious. Yellow is a color we associate with cheerfulness; and black or gray describes a gloomy feeling. The color pink is associated with health, or healing. “In the pink” is an expression that means “feeling well.”

The colors we wear can communicate to others a certain attitude, even if it is not entirely intentional. You may actually choose a color to wear, based on your mood at the time. If you feel bold, you may wear the color red. If you are calm, you may wear blue or green. If you want to project a feeling of happiness or cheer, you may choose yellow. The colors we wear, as well as the attitudes we have, become a part of who we are and how we affect others.

Colors can not only reflect our personalities, but they can also affect our behaviors. I remember taking a marketing class in college in which we studied fast food restaurants. We examined the layouts and décor of several different stores, and I learned that many of them used the color orange, and other bright colors, because it created a sense of urgency in their patrons. The intent was to have the customers eat their meals more quickly, to make room for the next customers to be seated.

When I was a child, my favorite color was red. Everything had to be red! My sister’s favorite color was blue. I realize now that our favorite colors matched our personalities perfectly. I was outgoing and full of mischief, not a care in the world. My sister was very reserved, and very particular about everything. She was the studious one, and I was the one who flew by the seat of my pants. Red was my flame.

It doesn’t seem to me that school children and young adults are as interested in colorful clothes as they were when I was a child. Where are the yellows and greens and reds, the blues the oranges and purples?

This past Sunday while I was in church, someone observed and commented to me that I was wearing a light colored sweater, and that I usually wear darker colors (on Sunday). I hadn’t noticed that myself. I realized then that I need to “lighten” it up a bit. I love colors, and it is high time I show it. I believe the darker colors have perhaps affected my character or, conversely, my character has affected my choice of colors.

Color makes life more interesting, and I believe that color makes people more interesting. We all need to be more colorful in our lives, not only in our choice of colors to wear, but also in our attitudes and actions toward others. Be that cheerful yellow, be that peaceful blue or green; fire up that red boldness. Color your world.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and I am going to be wearing more colors — the cheerier, the better!

Have a great day! Love to all, Nancy

• • •

Blessed are the people who know the joyful sound: they shall walk, O Lord, in the light of your presence.

— Psalm 89:15

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