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Trump should apologize for all his lies

Voters demand and insist that Trump apologize for the massive attacks of lies that Trump, while conspiring with the Enquirer, had published against Hillary Clinton.

Women candidates have been victimized too long by both parties. We demand the unethical and illegal campaign tactics STOP! Your election was illegal.

Thanks, Donald, for trying to end our status of perpetual war. Trump acted per phone request by Turkish president (Kurds abandoned again). We have been trained to live in fear, causing stress and irrational fears.

Threats of fake weapons of mass destruction are great for media ratings, so it gets repeated every couple of hours. CNN, Fox and others love Trump because it’s easy news and saves millions by cutting investigative reporting costs.

Trump gave an order to bomb Syria, 59 missiles, while casually eating cake at Mar-A-Lago with President Xi. He was extremely relaxed and uninformed. We all know Trump has no military experience except for his stint in reform school as a teen.

The need for $5 billion for a wall, when our border walls are already being constructed and working well, makes no sense. MAGA argues Berlin wall worked well for a long time. MAGA knows North Korea’s walls are cheap, but extremely effective. No $5 billion walls there. Trump has $9 billion for border security which he does not spend and he refused $1.3 billion for a border wall.

Halliburton (headquartered in Texas and Dubai) made $21 billion in 2017. Where is the $5 billion really headed? Ukraine? Israel? Saudi Arabia? More fake bank accounts? Somehow, I know Dick Cheney is involved. The Department of Defense budget was $700 billion in 2017 and is at $716 billion for 2019. The department does not get audited and “loses” billions on a regular basis.

The national debt has increased to $22 trillion dollars and will be even bigger for the generations of middle-class and poor that follow (that’s a joke — it will never be paid off.).

Trump doesn’t pay taxes, makes money from our taxes using various tax scams and passed legislation to significantly reduce taxes for the wealthiest Americans. Why the shutdowns? Dow dives — worst EVER on Christmas Eve. Eight-hundred thousand suffer as Trump makes hundreds of millions on Mar-A-Lago vacation scam.

We haven’t even heard the details about Trump’s and Jared’s illegal bank transactions yet. Wall or no, we can’t have people working against American security and interests (for money and sex) in the White House compromised by secret meetings with KGB, Turks, Israelis, or Saudis. Are John Michael, Jr. and his son, Pelton, Aldridge Ames, or Robert Hanssen still alive? How many agents/spys caught since 2016?

— Happy Holidays,

Loraine Goodwin

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