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Buying votes by using the Tax Code

Buying a vote is against the law, either with cash or gifts. Liberal Democrats have been doing it for years through “programs.” Now, they want to “Tax our Text Messages” to give more “Gifts” to the “Poor.”

They tax our utilities to give low rates to the poor. Charge us more on medical to give “free” medical to the poor. They already get free cell phones, but we have to give them more. One homeless guy even had an electric heater for his tent. It, and his cell phone plugged into a business socket on Schnoor!

(Free electricity) Democrats want the homeless to be able to vote. Difficult because they don’t have an address. They want to wipe all this aside and provide a way.

Unions want this, too. However, if “we” want to vote in a union election we can’t, because “we” don’t belong. Strive to be a property owner? Why, give the government enough time and they will take it away!

We are slaves to the tax code. Looking for tax fraud? Just look at a Democrat, buying votes with “free stuff,” in the name of, “It’s the right thing to do.” “Helping the poor.”

Don’t be fooled.

They are helping themselves.

— Bill Hoffrage,


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