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Treasurer-tax collector: Property tax bills due

“It’s that time of year again,” said Tracy Kennedy, Madera County treasurer-tax collector. “We have just begun the tax season by printing and mailing our property tax bills.”

More than 56,000 tax bills have been mailed, representing over $178 million in property taxes, and the various bond charges and direct charges are included on the tax bills.

Tax bills are also available online.

“BY ACCESSING OUR web page, www.madera, the taxpayer can select an option to view and/or pay their tax bill. This service allows the user to search for the property either by assessment number or by street address. For privacy purposes the owner’s name will not be shown on the screen,” said Kennedy. “We have taken credit card payments and e-check payments for years as a convenience to the taxpayer, but this service option will really provide value to both the taxpayers and my staff.”

E-checks are free, Kennedy said.

“While there is still a convenience fee attached to online tax payments with credit card; once again, this year, we are waiving the e-check fee as a cost of doing business and also to encourage taxpayers to use this method of payment. The beauty of our e-check feature is that you can pay multiple tax bills with one check and it is free,” said Kennedy.

THIS SERVICE OPTION will allow taxpayers to access their tax bills and to make payments via the website from any computer or mobile device.

“To pay by e-check, please go to our website:, click on Pay by E-check; accept the terms and then follow the prompts,” Kennedy said.

The bulk of the tax bills were mailed out the week of Oct. 8.

“If taxpayers do not receive their tax bills by November 1, 2018, contact our office at 675-7713 so we can send them a duplicate tax bill,” said Kennedy.

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