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One writer takes issue with another

To Loraine Goodwin:

You take the time to write your views in the Tribune, but it would be nice if you spoke the truth, with supporting documents, or where you found the information to be the truth, CNN, etc.

Amazing how your title tells all! You should have stopped there, because it is apparent in your “Ford Demands Respect” that you have accused and sentenced Judge Kavanaugh already. In your very first sentences you state, “Trump’s aggression against Dr. Christine Ford, when he has never met her and knows nothing about the situation, makes one cringe.”

I would assume the one you are speaking of is you, as I actually thought our president did a great job of explaining to us his view on this situation. He watched the hearing on Air Force One. Have you personally interviewed Ms. Ford, and that is why you have so much more knowledge about her credibility?

To make a statement as noted above is without proof, and if you had watched the TV and President Trump’s comments you would have seen he stated, “He only wanted what is right for the people.” (Fox News) How did you miss that? Maybe your resources cut that part out of his comments?

He also stated he was sad about Ford’s situation. Oops, didn’t hear that either? Then to go on and make accusations about our president, that he is “an abuser of women.”

Wow! And you go on and on, stating “he would think, ‘attempted’ rape on a female is no big deal.” You state no facts that he has ever said that, but have no problem putting it in writing. So now you are a mind reader and can tell what he is thinking?

After a whole day listening to this horrible event, I am disgusted with all the Democrats using Ford as their scapegoat to delay Judge Kavanaugh from receiving a vote to move for his appointment to the Supreme Court. Ford had no witnesses to support her claim, and the ones she said knew have stated they had never thought that Judge Kavanaugh could do such a thing, written and signed under perjury of prosecution. With letters from her supposed supporters stating they did not remember such a thing happening, and that Judge Kavanaugh was not that kind of a person.

But that did not stop you, from trashing not only our President, but also Judge Kavanaugh. Judge Kavanaugh had supporting people who were willing to witness for him, women by the way, and calendars showing what he was doing through that time frame.

Ford could not tell an exact date, where she was, or even how she got there, and how she got home. Now that is NOT a credible allegation, is it? But you and the Democrats keep pushing, and destroying this man.

Judge Kavanaugh showed many examples and stated many things which showed us what type of a person he was, and is. Was Ms. Ford that forward with establishing her character? NO! “I was raped, and so he is to be destroyed.” If YOU see Judge Kavanaugh’s real character as a “female abuser” then you could not have watched the same hearing as I did. How in the world could you come to the conclusion that “he acted on it?” Judge Kavanaugh gave quite a lengthy list of things he normally did during that time frame; did you miss that also?

Where do you come up with this conclusion Ms. Goodwin? He has been in many FBI investigations as he was a judge, but that is not good enough for the Democrats; no, the real reason they are pushing this is because they are hoping they will regain the house and senate and have a chance to place a liberal judge in the Supreme Court. Whatever it takes, destroying Judge Kavanaugh, putting Dr. Ford in front of the world stating it was Judge Kavanaugh with nothing to support her accusation, or her background of what she did — and did not do — during that time. Now that makes me cringe!

As Democrat senator Harry Reid stated when they called him on a lie about Mitt Romney not paying his taxes, “Well he didn’t win, did he?” Just throw it out there, and then hire people to yell and scream about rape, race or whatever will make it stick! The real reason you are writing this in the Tribune is because you are scared that Judge Kavanaugh will be placed on the Supreme Court, and you fear that unborn babies will actually have a chance to live, and our Judaeo Christian values will be supported.

I guess it is fair to be a mind reader of your thoughts, since you can read our presidents thoughts, all is fair, right? Come on, Goodwin. You have learned well from the Socialistic Democrat tricks. You need to look at the history of socialism, and decide if that is where you want our country, and future generations, to be under, because your fellow Democrats say yes to that direction. If Judge Kavanaugh is taken down because of false lies against him, then we are all in danger of being accused and sentenced with unverifiable charges. Yes, you or your children also! Your senators will do the same thing to you or your family members as they did to Ms. Ford.

As a female, wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, I am also concerned about what the Democrats are trying to do to our legal system. I know that our courts say, “We are innocent, until proven guilty.” Proof, do you know what that entails? But you have stated very clearly you do not see that as a necessary reality. Why?

Do you think some way that you and your children will be protected from a false accusation? I am sure Dr. Ford had a very bad experience in her life, but for her to wait until Judge Kavanaugh has reached this stage in his career is just wrong! If she has known this all these years, then why didn’t she report it to the local police?

Wouldn’t it have been helpful for all the women that went before Judge Kavanaugh to have been protected if she would have reported it back then? Don’t their lives matter? Why would she report it to the Democrats? Why not to the local police who would listen and take action on her behalf? To make Judge Kavanaugh the scapegoat for her trauma is unfair to Judge Kavanaugh, his wife and family.

Women who have experienced this kind of abuse need to be able to respect, and make sure who they are accusing are the right people, before they destroy another person’s life. Just because they are in pain does not give them the right to destroy someone else! She could not prove anything, and women who have suffered this abuse are joining the bandwagon to make Judge Kavanaugh the one to pay for all the sins of this kind of abuse. That is not right, or fair to him or his family!

Everything we know, according to Ms. Ford and this event is so untrustworthy, but because she “thinks” or her husband thinks it is Judge Kavanaugh, gives her the right to destroy this family? Your last statement shows how you have already convicted Judge Kavanaugh, “Throw the bum OUT!” Why? But the Republicans still pander to the Democrats lies, and give them an FBI extension. But the Democrats don’t want to know the truth, they are not looking for true justice, they are looking to gain seats in the House and Senate, and don’t care who has to be used, Ms. Ford, Judge Kavanaugh, whomever! As you say, “Throw the Bums OUT!” But not just Republicans, we need to also throw the Democrats who feel as you do.

None of those who judge without evidence represent “WE THE PEOPLE”!

As a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, I pray for all future generations, that they may be given the same rights for a fair trial, “Justice for All!” Not just raped women, but old white males, those who think certain people should “shut up”, and last and not least, those who think they should “Throw the bum OUT”! May justice for all prevail!

As Judge Kavanaugh’s daughter said, “we must pray!” Actually she said for Ms. Ford, but I say, for all of those who put politics in front of lives.

— Cecelia Jones,


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