Millers keep Hawks moving forward

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune Liberty football brothers Tyler, left, and Bradley, are helping the Hawks to another successful season.


Every other year, Liberty Hawks football brothers Bradley and Tyler Miller get to play with each other on the same team.

“It’s awesome,” said Bradley, a senior quarterback. “Every time I give him the ball, I get to watch him run around and juke a lot of people. It’s pretty nice.”

“It’s pretty great to have an older brother because he can help me through all the stuff we need to learn,” said Tyler, a junior running back. “He’s there to throw me great passes, too.”

The brothers say that they are pretty amicable, mostly because they said they don’t want to hear it from their mother.

“The only time we fight is when we’re alone,” Bradley said. “For the most part, we’re pretty cool, especially at practice.”

The pair played together through Ranchos Youth Football, but are enjoying this year on the varsity level.

“It’s a lot better now because we’re better and we’re there to help each other get better,” Bradley said.

At home, the two get coaching from each other and Tyler said it varies on who gets yelled at more. “It depends on the game who gets it worse,” he said.

“We spend hours watching film and critique each other,” Bradley said.

However, because the two play different positions, but on the same side of the field, they are able to give each other their advice on how the play unfolded.

“He sees stuff I can’t see so he helps me out and I do the same with him on what’s open,” Bradley said.

Bradley says that Tyler comes to the huddle and tells him he’s open all the time.

“We feed off each other,” Bradley said. “I’ve played quarterback for a number of years and he’s been a running back so we both know what we’re doing. It helps looking over and seeing your brother and so you work harder for him.”

Since Bradley is a senior, Tyler knows it will be the last time they can play with each other on the same team so they want to make it special.

“It’s his last year and going out to possibly getting a Valley (Championship),” Tyler said. “It’s pretty great to be able to play with him in his last year of playing football.”