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ICC can work without the U.S.

Trump, via John Bolton to the Federalist Society, has rejected the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Trump said he would not condone investigations of Israel’s alleged aggressions against Palestinians, and then closed the PLO office (Palestine’s diplomatic office) in D.C.

Trump said, in effect, no country can tell the U.S. what to do or investigate it, even if other countries allege U.S. war crimes. Trump said the ICC does not have a judiciary independent from the executive branch, as the U.S. allegedly has, and Trump demands the ICC “judiciary be independent from executive.”

We know that Trump has already pledged over $1 billion to Israel and cut off aid funds to Palestine for refugees and medical care, so Trump’s talks of negotiation are impossible in the Middle East.

The U.S. and CIA need to totally side with Israel and get out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran.

The ICC can work without the U.S. The ICC mainly protects less powerful countries.

— Loraine Goodwin,


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