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Mom and 13 pups dumped beside highway

DJ Becker/The Madera Tribune

Kirsten Gross holds a puppy that was found with its mother Sunday after being dumped along State Route 152 near Road 15 3/4. Two dogs together, with their litters of puppies were found after a motorist stopped and reported them to authorities.


Two dogs nursing large litters of puppies were found dumped Sunday afternoon on the north side of State Route 152 at Road 15 3/4, according to authorities. An injured male dog was also seen circling and with the females, but has so far evaded capture.

Kirsten Gross, director of Madera County Animal Services, said it was very fortunate the dogs were seen on the roadside by a motorist.

“The puppies are fuzzy and adorable, barely four or five weeks old and aren’t able to walk far. One had a litter of eight, the other had five pups. They would not have survived being left along a roadside, especially in the heat and would have died. The female dogs are friendly and and in good condition. They were owned by someone and just dumped here by the busy road.”

Gross said it was just inexplicable that someone would be so heartless to condemn two dogs with nursing puppies to this fate. Both dogs female dogs are medium-sized, long-haired Spaniel type mixes.

“It’s also against the law to abandon any animal along a roadside like this. Animals are not disposable — like trash. People need to be responsible for their pets, especially in circumstances like this. Coyotes or other feral dogs would have killed the puppies for sure. We would like to find out who dumped them like this and need the public’s help with that information,” Gross said.

Animal rescuers say dogs dumped in orchards or along roadsides are frightened and often elusive, but typically remain near or where they were abandoned for as long as they can survive, as if they were waiting and hoping to be reunited with their families. If they are able to avoid being killed by predators, they then die slowly of dehydration or starvation.

The dogs and puppies have been placed in volunteer foster homes through the animal shelter, Gross said, and will be quickly adopted or sent to other rescue groups, now that they are in the right place and situation. A live trap has been set for the injured male dog.

Anyone recognizing the dogs or with information on the situation should call Madera County Animal Services at 675-7891. A $1,000 reward is offered by The Friends of The Madera Animal Shelter for information leading to an arrest and a conviction in any crime of felony animal cruelty or abuse.

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