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Reader pleads for change

Dear Mr. President, this is a letter from your scapegoat. This is a letter from a child of those you called murderers and rapists. This is my plea for a change in mentality for all our sake.

With your administration chaos has been brought to our country. A society beset with crisis and totalitarian political elites are determinants that lead to genocidal outcomes. An “us versus them” will create more tension. It is hard to degrade someone who has an identity, and when you use polarizing words to dehumanize Hispanics you are taking away our identity.

Those in your party are the bystanders who will allow such hate be used to manipulate the masses. Your phrase, “Make America Great Again,” assumes this nation was great in the past. The United States has been the perpetrator of countless acts of violence; it is saddening no one has revolted against the White House.

You are seen as a savior with promises of a bright future, but at what cost? Those who will pay to make America great again are the Hispanics who are marked as the enemies.

Do not make us this decade’s scapegoat. Please realize we need to unite and make peace not build walls.

— Brittany Armstrong

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