Earth’s weather is a blessing, says Maderan

Give thanks for Earth’s weather. The past few hundred years have given us a chance to grow and develop. It does not take much imagination to see the plight of mankind in the next ice age. Any climate change man now generates, pales, when viewed within a range of what Nature has in store.

Tambora 1816, reminds us of what just a volcano can do. Today, that year without a summer would devastate. Just one of the perils we face.

If technology and understanding are to save the day, then it’s time we get more research done and let go of the negative. Any value given to a negative, increases its cost.

The reason true capitalism needs its 50-year depression cycle is that ambition does not look toward system benefit, as its sole inspiration. With corruption gone, everything revalued, a rebirth is started, where drive is rewarded. It values the positive, devalues the negative. For a fix the vote is key.

A vote should always be for a candidate, not against one. If none is deserving, vote none. If enough voters showed up, gave that no-confidence vote, there would be only one mandate. The process must be fixed. If enough votes simply went outside party lines, positive changes would happen fast.

Too much power over time leads to corruption. Authority in smaller measures to more, rather than in large doses to a select few. Reward involvement, allow those with vision to stand up and take on a natural role of leadership.

Stop fighting things. Focus on the positive. Instead of zero tolerance, maximum tolerance. Religious freedom started our country. The right to give voice to our beliefs and not have other’s beliefs put upon us. We must protect those rights. Even when what they believe in is so very wrong. If we don’t at least allow them to be heard, they will be right to fight. Better to listen.

The stakes are high. We don’t have time for this tailspin. There is much to do and understand. It is easy, choose to be positive. Tolerate the negatives; whenever possible, choose Love.

— Richard DaSilva,