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Reader urges Maderans get involved in government

Gloria and I are attending the Madera Republican Women Federated meeting April 26, and we think all who are able should do so as well.

Mike Pistoresi will be the speaker on containing our city government. One must ask, how can a public servant (city manager) make more than $300,000 each year? He is not the only one! I have always thought that all government employees should make no more that those of the local utilities.

Disability retirement needs to re-evaluated every five years. We have “stress” related disability for life. Whatever it was that caused the stress, and you can’t get over it in five years, perhaps you need to be in an institution.

Except for the 4th of July, Memorial and Veterans Day, all paid days off should be personal days. We have too many observed days, where everyone gets off “paid”, weather you care about the event or not. Going to this system may allow the government offices to be open 365 days a year with no premium pay!

Hope to see you there.

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