All-Madera Tribune Girls Soccer team

Wendy Alexander/The Madera Tribune Liberty junior midfielder Holly Strong gets a shot off during a match. She, along with teammate, Brooke Wristen, have been named The Madera Tribune’s Co-Most Valuable Player for girls soccer. Strong led the Hawks with 31 goals.


Co-Most Valuable Players

Brooke Wristen and Holly Strong

Juniors, Forward and Midfielder, Liberty

All-League: Strong- North Sequoia League Most Valuable Player; Wristen- 1st team All-NSL The dynamic duo powered the Liberty Hawks all season long. Speed, aggression, toughness, all wrapped up with a lethal touch in front of the goal, Wristen and Strong proved to be some of the best players in the conference. Most of the time, when Liberty needed the important goal, they looked to Wristen to carry the load, who earned that distinction from her sister. Brooke and Holly have kept the high standard of Liberty soccer to go unbeaten in 10 straight years of the North Sequoia League. When Strong gets the ball in the midfield, the first person she looks for is Wristen. Most of the time, that works well for Liberty and not so well for its opponents. This is both Strong and Wristen’s second All-Madera Tribune selection. Strong led the team with 31 goals and and was second with 16 assists. Wristen was second on the team with 29 goals and also dished out 14 assists. No other Liberty player scored more than six goals. The Team

Nayeli Garcia

Senior, Defender, Madera South

All-League: 2nd team All-county/Metro Athletic Conference

Garcia was a rock for the Stallions all year. Serving primarily as a defender, Garcia worked well with her team to keep the Madera South goal unscathed. Her powerful clearances and instinctive reactions gave her and her team a boost in the back.

Yvette Zuniga

Senior, Defender, Madera

All-League: 1st team All-CMAC

Along with midfielder Mia Alvarez, Zuniga earned a first team nod for the All-CMAC team. Her defending was key all season. At one point during the season, the Coyotes were on a clean-sheet streak due to Zuniga’s defending. She could chase down a winger, body up a striker and out-maneuver a midfielder to make her one of the best defenders in the conference. This is her second All-Madera Tribune selection. Zoey Richey

Senior, Sweeper, Liberty

All-League: 1st team All-NSL

Richey is a four-year member of the Liberty Hawks squad and has been one of the anchors of the team. She was a reliable player for head coach Erick Walker in the back. She could easlity run down a defender and keep players from getting clean shots on freshman goalkeeper Carly Tynan. She also scored five goals, all headers.

Mia Alvarez

Senior, Midfielder, Madera

All-League: 1st team All-CMAC

Alvarez, once again, brought a professional and calm attitude to her team. As captain she kept her girls focused and motivated, while doing her thing on the pitch. Alvarez can pick out the perfect pass, make a crunching tackle and also hit a free kick on goal from 30 yards out. She is the complete midfielder and the Coyotes were lucky to have her. This is her third All-Madera Tribune selection, including last year’s Co-Most Valuable Player honors. Lauren Alexander

Senior, Midfielder, Liberty

All-League: 2nd team All-CMAC

Alexander is another four-year stalwart for the Hawks. She plays the defense midfield so Strong could have the opportunity to roam around and produce offense for the Hawks. She was strong at containing opposing players and keep the pressure off the Liberty defense. Alexander has been named to the All-Madera Tribune team twice. Brooke Gill

Senior, Forward, Madera

All-League: 2nd team All-CMAC

Gill worked tirelessly whenever she was on the pitch. Her aggressive and persistent mentality won back a lot of balls and gave the Coyotes energy whenever she was on the pitch. Her speed helped lead the team in scoring and get behind defenders for scores. Her selection is her second on the all-Madera Tribune team. Gabriela Jaimes

Senior, Midfielder, Madera South

All-League: 2nd team All-CMAC

Like her partner Garcia, Jaimes was a rock in the back. She always came to play and never shied away from a tough challenge. Add in her calmness on the ball and you have the makings of a very productive player. She earns her second All-Madera Tribune selection. Makayla Martinez

Senior, Goalkeeper, Madera South

All-League: 2nd team All-CMAC

Makayla Martinez wasn’t the tallest person for a goalkeeper job, but she sure had the heart. Martinez had her ups and downs throughout the season but her ability to come up big when it mattered most earned her a spot on the list. Jasmine Salazar

Freshman, Forward, Madera South

All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

The forward never seemed to run out of energy. Salazar entered the pitch and left everything she had. Both offensively and defensively, Salazar worked with the team in order to get the best result. Her instinctual play and endless energy were a plus for the Stallions throughout the season.

Noemi Cabello

Junior, Midfielder, Madera

All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

The midfielder created a strong partnership with her teammates in the middle of the pitch. Her ability to pass and cut into open channels allowed the Coyotes to move the ball with ease in some instances. Although she is a positive influence in the attacking third, her defensive work in the middle was consistent, warranting her a spot on the list. She earned her second All-Madera Tribune selection. Anyssa Garcia

Senior, Defender, Madera

All-League: CMAC Honorable Mention

The senior defender gave the Coyotes solid performances throughout the year. From making tough tackles to smart clearances, Garcia was a positive in head coach Cameron Hill’s tactics. This is her second All-Tribune selection. Mattie McCombs

Junior, Halfback, Liberty

All-League: 2nd team All-NSL

With a cross country background, McCombs was comfortable running up and down the field chasing attackers or starting the attack. Her ability to keep up with attackers helped Liberty run clean sheets throughout most of the NSL season. Liberty trailed just once in the entire NSL season. Sofia Garibay and Carly Tynan

Freshmen, Midfielder and Goalkeeper, Liberty

All-League: 2nd team All-NSL

Both Garibay and Tynan stepped up and made their impact into the experienced Liberty line-up. Tynan had the pressure of manning the goal and protecting Liberty’s now 100 straight NSL unbeaten streak. She was the last line of defense in the back and didn’t look like a freshman. Garibay, along with her twin sister Sara, also made their appearance into the Liberty lineup. Garibay stepped in the middle to team with Alexander and Strong. Garibay led the Hawks with 19 assists as a freshman.