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Maderans question government decisions

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles in the paper and local happenings. Council hires Manfredi

The Madera City Council voted Feb. 21 to hire Ron Manfredi of Madera to consult with interim City Administrator Steve Frazier and the council about a review of the enterprise fund, a management compensation study and recruitment for a permanent city administrator.

In response to a previous comment made by “Michelle Garcia,” “Renee Benoit” asked, “Why are you sure? I would love it if people would state reasons why they think what they think. To not do so is irresponsible IMHO.”

“Michelle Garcia” replied, “Renee Benoit, because many spoke up against having Mr. Manfredi or any other Maderan. We wanted to see a true independent come in. That would be the responsible thing to do. This council is supposed to work for the people, not their own agenda.” Rail project gets ‘personal’

The California High-Speed Rail Authority released an editorial from Joe Matthews, associate editor at Zocalo Public Square and a contributing writer at the Los Angeles Times, in favor of bringing the rail project to fruition.

“Michael Gaynor” wrote, “They need to stop this insanity now and build a dam or two for California. How do we stop this?”

“Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” replied, “You are so right we need water storage not a train to nowhere.” Rants and raves

Raves — The Madera County Sheriff’s Department shared a photo honoring Madera County Sheriff’s Deputies for their work to the public with a statement of, “We love our Madera County Deputies.” “Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Yes we do!!!”

“Ligia Pacheco” wrote, “Yes we do.”

Rant — Dick’s Sporting Goods recently released news its store brands would effectively discontinue sales of semi assault-style rifles, among other changes to company policies. “Nora Paolinelli” wrote, “Slowly boiling the frog, wake up people!!!”

Rave — Madera County Food Bank reported board member Susan Whitaker passed away Sunday (Feb. 25). “Madera County Food Bank” wrote, “Thank you for sharing this.”

Rant — In response to a photo, released by Yosemite National Park, of an overturned SUV on a snowy roadway — and a notice from “Becky Amick” — “Courtney Alberta-Forte” wrote, “You better go get some chains lady.”

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