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Wieland to retire, backs candidate for court position

I will retire in 2018 after serving for more than 20 years as a judge of the Madera County Superior Court. It has been an honor, a privilege and a series of experiences that I will always cherish.

I thank Gov. Pete Wilson for appointing me to the court in January 1998. I thank the many professional court employees with whom I have been fortunate to work over the years.

The attorney who becomes our next judge will most likely be elected in the June 2018 primary. I have asked attorney Carol Moses to run. She is doing so.

Carol Moses is a better person than I am. I strongly believe that she will be a better judge than I have been. I want to leave the court better than I found it and her election will accomplish that.

She was a federal law enforcement officer as a park ranger at Yosemite National park for nearly 20 years. She enforced the law, provided search and rescue and acted as park medic. For more than 20 years since then she has practiced criminal and civil law. She is hard-working, fair, knowledgeable, ethical and well prepared to do her job.

Ms. Moses, who resides in Madera County, will continue to introduce herself during the next several months.

Thank you, again. I look forward to working part time as a retired judge. But since my wife, Cathy, is also retiring next year, I look forward to spending more time with her and our grandson (and grandchild No. 2 next summer).

— Hon. Charles A. Wieland,


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