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Former gym a point of contention

The Madera Tribune received the following comments online about articles and local happenings. Local gym closing

Anson Lihosit of Madera wrote about the closing of a gym on the corner of Sunset and Orchard avenues, lamenting the decision made in late 2016.

“Maria Rieping Uribe” wrote, “I’ve lived here my whole life and never set foot in that gym. I am happy every time I pass by it now that there is far less traffic there... esp. those drivers who would pass through the intersection heading east on Sunset and then brake and block traffic trying to get across to the little parking lot.

“The parking lot was never conveniently placed but may have served well when Madera was smaller and the gym members were fewer. If they had thought ahead, they would have bought up the neighboring properties and provided a bigger parking lot to its members.”

“Terri Martinez” replied, “That is the problem. The permits were completely out dated for the volume of business they were doing. So glad I can cross Williams and Sunset without having 30 cars parked and blocking the street.”

“Chris Schoettler” chimed in, “How small are the parking lots for Thomas Jefferson and John Adams? Good luck getting through there. It is an over reach of government to shut down businesses. I hope where you work isn’t next.”

“Allison Leigh Weber” wrote, “I learned how to swim at the Madera Athletic Club Lots of childhood memories!”

“Keanu N Keanu Armentrout” replied, “same here.”

“Kym Smith Salter” wrote, “The Neighbors in the area b****ed, moaned and were big babies.....Now let them deal with the abandoned building... Don’t come back to the City and cry about the effects of this... You all got what you wanted!”

“April Molina” wrote, “There are other gyms at better locations. I’m sure you’ll get past it….”

“Sean Thomas” replied, “Yeah. There are. In FRESNO. As of now, Madera doesn’t have a single lap-pool that is available to the public.”

“Molina” responded, “Madera High School used to be open, there’s also Swimming Pool Park…”

“Patrick Odom” chimed in, “Those aren’t lap pools meant for exercise open to the public. Those pools are open ONLY during the summer and ONLY for recreational swimming...or at least the last I heard they were only used for recreational swimming.”

“Jack Porter” wrote, “This guy that wrote this moved away from Madera so basically, who cares. Stick around and raise your family, vote, spend money here. Then maybe someone will care what your opinion is on Madera issues.”

“Arielle Rodriguez” wrote, “I drive through there every day it is nice to not have traffic, dumb drivers or gym members looking at their phone while crossing a very busy street. The inside looked terrible and there was always equipment broken that never seemed to get fixed. It is sad to see it closed, hopefully they can reach an agreement of some sorts that helps everyone.”

“Alex Villafan” wrote, “I thought it was better with the basketball courts and original layout.they did to much in My opinion..Golds Gym was it.” State seeks way around tax changes

California Democrat lawmakers are exploring ways to blunt the impact of the new federal tax law on the state’s taxpayers, according to the Associated Press.

“Donald W. Smith” wrote, “De Leon’s plan will just be interpreted as a ploy to avoid taxes and cause automatic tax audits. The feds aren’t stupid like our CA Assembly.”

“Sergio Moreno” wrote, “They could just lower our state taxes!”

“Steve Salter” wrote, “Kevin De Leon is an idiot !!” Pot law may cause problems

Madera Tribune Editor Chuck Doud penned an opinion piece about the change in state law regarding the legal recreational use of marijuana and its consequences.

“Cindy Chidlaw Diaz” wrote, “Best of luck to our law enforcers. Never should of been legal.”

“Steve Salter” wrote, “DUI’s are a big enough problem in our city. Local church celebrates baptisms

Madera New Life Apostolic Church shared video of baptisms they recently performed on two children.

“Andy De la Cruz” wrote (translated from Spanish), “And the poor guy dying of cold and those fanatics of God talk and talk hahhah.”

“Eli Ortega” wrote, “Jalapeño Styles u need this ready.” Locals express condolences

Carol Ann Taylor passed away peacefully in her home on Dec. 22.

“Mercedes Och” wrote, “Oh no!!! Such a sweet and caring person.”

“Debra Guthier” wrote, “Oh no! RIP Carol.”

“Vicki Hughes” wrote, “RIP Carol.”

Rants and raves

Rave — The Madera South Stallions boys basketball team completed an undefeated run through the Madera South Classic with a 72-44 victory over the Sierra-Tollhouse Chieftains. “Bertha Gonzales” wrote, “Congratulations.”

Rave — Madera’s have had mixed opinions over the changes happening in the city administration. “Bobby Sheikh” wrote, “Happy new year everyone..... be safe..”

Raves — A relaxing day at Eastman Lake turned into a record-setting day for Joe Synder Jr., as he caught a 25 1/2-pound, 35-inch-long catfish, setting a new record for the area. “Sue Alexander” wrote, “Whopper!”

“Chucky Roman” wrote, “Now that’s a big cat.”

Rant — After some remodeling and refurbishment, Coarsegold residents received good news, as Camarena Health will move into a building occupied by Coarsegold Medical Clinic that closed its doors Friday, Dec. 29, and will open Feb. 1, according to the Sierra Star. “Sharon Briscoe” wrote, “Until you see their prices and how badly they treat you.”

Rave — Pastor Lance Leach wrote an end of the year well-wishing to residents of Madera as he visited family in Santa Maria. “Andrea Garcia Martinez” wrote, “Lance Leach did u know your post was reposted by Madera Tribune? Nice.”

Rants — A man believed to have been driving under the influence of alcohol lost control of his vehicle and crashed in Madera County, according to KFSN News. “Maira Gonzalez” asked, “Where at?”

“Amber Von Flue” replied, “It tells you in the article.”

“Gonzalez” retorted, “Sorry didn’t have time to read it, but seems it hurts your mouth to just say the street names.”

“Von Flue” responded, “seriously? Good one”

“Jack Porter” wrote, “Was the tree ok?”

Rave — Sanger Herald publisher Fred Hall wrote in regarding legislative decisions made by politicians in how the state’s finances are utilized for the general public. “Russ Ryan” wrote, “Great article!”

Rave and rant — The All-Madera Tribune Football team was selected for 2017 recently. “Madera Coyotes Football” wrote, “Thank you for you support just to clarify it was Michael Brochinni that played LB for us this year please make the correction.”

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